What’s The Story Behind The Logo?

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I’m linking up with some other great TpT sellers over at Art with Jenny K. who are talking about the stories behind their logos. We see these images all the time and I often wonder what the story is behind the pictures, images, and names others use.

When I first started out on TpT I didn’t have a logo. Once I realized the importance of having one I made a quick one that featured the little flags I use along the top of most of my products.

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As I began to expand my design knowledge and my store I realized I should have a blog. Out of the need for a place to express my ideas my first website was born. The image I used as the background was a beautiful shot of pencils that I then featured in my second logo. I liked the pencils because to me they represent the tool with which we can explore, learn, and create. Through a little piece of wood and graphite books can be written, ideas communicated, and the world changed. A bit cheesy, I know.

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I was happy with this logo for quite a while until I realized that I wanted to move from Blogger to a self-hosted site. (Read more about the recent change here). I knew I wanted a whole new look, so I turned to Laine from A Little Peace Of Africa. It was a pleasure working with her, and she turned my ideas into a design I love. This brings me to my current logo, one that I absolutely love. The colors and images represent who I am and my ascetic, and adding my name has turned me from the faceless store name of ‘Lifelong Learning’ to a more personal connection with buyers.


Does your logo have a story? Check out some of the great stories below or leave your thoughts in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “What’s The Story Behind The Logo?

  1. I REALLY love the evolution of your logo—it’s so neat to see how the logo went step by step into the great finished logo that it is today…it perfectly exemplifies how we grow as teachers and as teacher authors! Thank you for linking up!

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