Some of you may have been with me from my old blog and other readers may be new. To all- welcome to the new website! I switched to this platform in order to better provide readers with quality content that was easy to navigate.

My old content has been transferred and you can find it in the archives. some of it may look a bit different, but it’s all still there. I’m still brand new, so there might be a few little bugs in the system, if you find any let me know at lifelonglearning1234@gmail.com.  

The new site has allowed me to expand! There are a few new sections, such as Book Talk Tuesday, with more new features coming down the line. Additionally, you can now sign up for my newsletter to receive exclusive notification about news, flash freebies, and sales. Those who sign up also receive a free download of 5 Interactive Note Templates– go subscribe in the homepage sidebar!

As always I look forward to your thoughts, comments and questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or connect with me on social media.

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