Top 10 Books For Girls: Ages 12+

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A great book is one of the most important things for promoting a lifelong love of learning. I don’t like defining books as ‘girls’ or ‘boys’ books. Books are universal and shouldn’t be restricted by gender stereotypes. This being said there are some books that I regard highly for their depiction of strong female characters and the challenges they overcome. In a world where women are so often depicted as weak and in need of being saved by a knight in shining armour, I think it is important for girls to read books where these norms are shifted. So this Story Sunday I’ll be featuring some of my favourite books for Girls ages 12+.

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1. The Immortals Quartet

This whole list could be Tamora Pierce books. She expertly writes strong female characters as they navigate complex worlds of war, magic, and mystery. In The Immortals quartet we follow Daine, a girl with ‘wild magic’- the ability to communicate with animals. As the realm of Tortall enters war with strange creatures her gifts will be more needed than ever. This series is great for any student that loves animals, magic, or adventure stories.

2. Juniper

A princess, magic, medieval times, an intimidating godmother, and a throne to save. This book, as well as others that follow this series by Monica Furlong are sure to entice any reader.

3. The Naming: The First Book of Pellinor

This is a wonderful series that I pick up to re-read as an adult. A translation of an ancient text this bardic tale is a magical story to fall into. It follows the epic journey of good and evil, light and dark, and an unassuming girl who is the key to it all.

4. Chanda’s Wars

After her mother dies of AIDS Chanda is responsible for her brother and sister. When they are kidnapped by a rebel group as child soldiers, Chanda must do everything she can to save them. Though at times difficult and emotional, this book is a story of strength and the importance of family.

5. Terrier

This journal format is perfect for the reluctant reader. The first book of a series of three, Terrier follows Beka Cooper as she trains to become a guard for the Lord Provost of Tortall. As children from the poor families disappear, mystery and murder approach, and Beka’s strength and cunning take centre stage of this story.

6. Uglies

Enter a world where everybody is altered to be beautiful- but at what cost? This futuristic series (Uglies, Pretties, Specials) about adventure, corruption, and the price of beauty is sure to appeal to students.

7. Protector Of The Small Quartet

This series is another Tamora Pierce book, and one of my favourites. The series follows Kel as she works through prejudice, danger, and war to prove that she can become a lady knight.

8. Out of My Mind

Trapped in her own mind without the ability to speak or write Melody can only watch the world around her. But when she is given a laptop- everything changes, for both better and worse. This book is a great discussion about ability, disability, and the people behind the labels.

9. The Green Glass Sea

Living with her scientist father in New Mexico in 1943 on a base where something mysterious is being constructed, Dewy is having trouble fitting in…

10. A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet)

What is a tesseract? A wrinkle in time of course. This beautiful book follows Meg as she explores time, mystery, and family.



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Story Sundays are about exploring the conversation surrounding how a love of reading can be fostered in children, and how this passion can be ignited in the classroom.

  • Do you have any great strategies for encouraging a love of reading in your classroom?
  • What are you reading in your classroom right now?
  • What activities do you use to engage students with a story?
  • What books have personally inspired you as a teacher?
  • How do you make reading exciting for your students?

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