Thematic Thursday: Historical Fiction- The Middle Ages

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Today I’m linking up with Comprehension Connection for Thematic Thursday! This week’s theme is historical fiction, and the time period I want to explore is the Middle Ages. This is one of the most engaging historical periods for students, who love learning about a system of daily life so different from our own.

Best Books

I’ve done a full blog post previously about the best books for a Middle Ages unit study. You can find that post here. But I’ll feature three of the best ones here.


 Activities and Ideas

original-1463589-1There are so many things you can do surrounding the study of the Middle Ages. I include many ideas and interactive components in the unit. It provides a general overview of daily life in the Middle Ages in an engaging way that presents the information as a fun narrative. Students are transported back in time to the Middle Ages and produce a hands-on notebook with interactive components. They follow the diary entries of a professor, creating crafts, foldable notes, and other activities for each entry and topic.

You can check it out here if you’re interested.

Other Ideas

  • Have a medieval feast and compare the food of commoners vs. nobles.
  • Divide the class into the social hierarchy of the Middle Ages for a while: have students discuss why they like or don’t like the system, and who it favours. (Example: the students who are the nobles get to decide on an activity while the commoners have no say).
  • Make a stained glass window with tissue paper for a piece of fun classroom decor.
  • Play some atmospheric Middle Ages music.


A Brief History Of Women’s Work In The Middle Ages- Video

Challenges the ideas of the fairytale medieval woman.

Medieval Lives: Episode 1: Peasants- BBC Video

Slightly less engaging, but an interesting and in-depth look at the lives of peasants in the middle ages.


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