Relaxing Into Reading: 20 Places To Read

20 places to read

A question to ponder when considering how we can help students develop a love of reading is how we can make reading more than an academic task. We want students to look at reading not as something they have to do, but something they want to do. How can we foster this perspective? I believe that  a big part of creating this reality is helping students relax into reading. When we give students the space to read for pleasure we help them see it as something other than a performative task.

So if reading is something that students often perceive as being an academic pursuit completed at at desk, why not help them see it in a new light by changing the physical location and creating a relaxed atmosphere?

Needs ideas? Here is a list of 20 places to read that break free of the academic limitations we often place on reading. Challenge your students or your family to read in as many different places as they can.

1. In the garden.

2. In a blanket fort.

3. Under a table.

4. On a road trip.

5. On a swingset.

6. In the bath.

7. In a sleeping bag.

8. By a campfire.

9. Under a tree.

10. By a pond or pool.

11. In a reading nook.

12. To the family pet.

13. At a park.

14. In a tent.

15. While eating breakfast

16. At the library.

17. In a hammock.

18. At the beach.

19. In a closet.

20. In the dark with a flashlight.


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