Pumpkin Fact vs. Opinion Scoot


Fall is here in full force! The leaves are turning, pumpkins are out on front stoops, and the classroom is aflutter learning about bats, spiders, leaves, and pumpkins!

One of my favorite fall units is pumpkins! I know many teachers choose to have a pumpkin thematic unit during the fall. Here are just a few of my favorite ideas for things you can do to learn about pumpkins as a class:

  • Hold a class survey to decide what to carve on your class pumpkin. Graph the results.
  • Count the number of seeds in a pumpkin. Compare two different pumpkins.
  • Make hypotheses about which pumpkin is heavier and weigh both to see.
  • Measure the circumfrence of pumpkins.
  • Make a jack-o-lantern mural using orange construction paper and traces of your students hands.
  • Learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin with a First, Next, Then, Last organizer from Nerissa Reddick.
  • Make baked pumpkin seeds for a yummy and healthy snack!
  • Take a class field trip to a pumpkin patch, either in person or by watching a video.

If you are looking for an activity to finish off your unit, try these fact vs. opinion pumpkin themed task cards, perfect for a game of scoot! Dots n Spots explains how she used these task cards on her blog.

original-1458042-1pumpkin fact and opinion scoot

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