Monarch Butterflies: Teaching Tools & Mini-Unit Plan

Butterflies are a very popular unit study topic in both the classroom and for homeschoolers. Here are some of my favourite resources surrounding monarch butterflies and how you can implement a monarch mini-unit.


I created this lapbook to supplement student’s study of monarch butterflies. Students learn about the lifecycle, diet, anatomy, and migration of monarch butterflies in an interactive format. If you are interested in using this lapbook as part of your mini-unit you can get it here.

Supplemental Materials
I have put together a variety of supplemental materials if you wish to expand yoriginal-1589652-1our mini-unit. With this resource students fill out information about the different parts of a butterfly in the butterfly anatomy worksheet, create a Can, Have, Are, organizer about butterflies, they read a passage about the lifecycle of a butterfly, with key vocabulary included and then fill out their own lifecycle organizer with information about the different stages of a butterfly’s lifecycle. There is also a butterfly anatomy vocabulary matchup activity and a lifecycle matchup activity, plus a fun word search.
If you would like to use these supplemental materials as part of your unit you can get them here.
Get both the lapbook and supplemental materials for just $3 when you buy them together here.
Here is a blend of fiction and non-fiction books that look at the lifecycle of a monarch butterfly with gorgeous illustrations to engage students. Hurry and the Monarch is a personal favourite.


(As always please ensure you view videos prior to your students to ensure that there are no inappropriate advertisements. If a link is broken please let me know so I can fix it).

Mini-Unit Plan

I have a brief five day mini-unit plan that goes through the lapbook and additional activities day by day. You can find it here.

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