Make Creative Writing Fun With Writing Prompt Spinners

Are you tired of your students complaining that they don’t have any good ideas for their creative writing journals? Are you tired of printing off one-use writing prompts that may work well, but aren’t handy when you’re in a hurry? Why not try writing prompt spinners during your lessons?

Simply provide students with a spinner and hand out paperclips. Students use their pencil and the paperclip to spin three times. The first spin gives them a character, the second gives them a setting, and the third will gives them a plot element to use in their story. Your students then use their creative license to write a fun story!

For example: a cowboy (spin 1), in a submarine (2), where someone is surprised (3). Might turn into a story about a startled cowboy who is beamed into a submarine full of surprised soldiers to broker an alien peace treaty.

There is a worksheet provided for students to write their stories, or you can choose to have students write their stories in their journals.

If you would like students to have their own personal spinner, a fun extension is to have them color a space once they have spun it. When creating future prompts, if they hit a colored space, they must re-spin. This process continues until the spinner is fully colored in, and eight stories have been written!

This product is a bundle of 8 spinners with the themes of Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fairytale, Science, Mystery, School, Fantasy, and Spooky. They can be purchased individually, however by buying as a bundle you save 50%.

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