Election 2016 Resources For Teachers

Election Resources For Teachers

With all the media attention about the upcoming 2016 Election, now is the perfect time to get students engaged in critically understanding election coverage. This is a great opportunity for students to dialogue about citizenship, media, bias, and facts vs. opinions. Here are some great resources I’ve found for you to help your students understand election time this year.

Video: US Elections- How do they work?
The UK Parliament has put together a very good video explaining how US Elections work with great visuals.

Video: The Electoral College- does your vote count?
It can be difficult for students to understand why some states are constantly referred to as the ‘more important’ states. This video clearly explains the electoral college.

Website: Candidate Platforms
This website presents the platforms of each candidate in an easy to navigate way for students to compare and contrast.

Resource: Election Ballotoriginal-2656601-1
Busy Bee In Grade Three has provided a great freebie of classroom voting ballots if you would like to hold a vote in your classroom after learning about each candidate!

Resource: Analyze Political Ads In History
A through lesson plain is available here to guide students through an analysis of political ads, and specifically the use of children in political ads.

Resource: American Election Vocabulary Posters2016 Election Vocabulary Posters
While you dialogue with your students there is bound to be new vocabulary pop up. Use these half-size posters on a bulletin board to remind students of key terminology.

Website: Scholastic Election
Scholastic has created a website with many lesson plans, videos, and other information for students and teachers about the election. I especially recommend taking a look at their ‘Kid Reporter’ section.

Pinterest Board: Teaching Government     
For many more resources for not just the election, but other government topics, you might like to follow my ‘Teaching Government’ Pinterest board.


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