Calming Sensory Bin


In this bin I include black beans as the base. Their dark colour and smooth texture creates a nice sound and feeling when sifted through, additionally they are a bit heavier than other fillers- which can be a calming weight if the bin is placed on a child’s lap. Smooth crystals and rocks can be discovered amongst the beans or inspected on their own. Feathers provide a soft texture and their light weight contrasts the heavy pebbles. Many children like a figure or character in their sensory bins, and this hummingbird puppet is the perfect fit. A starry piece of cloth is a nice addition for texture, and a few drops of a calming essential oil such as lavender or chamomile can also be placed on it to scent the sensory box. I chose not to include a ‘tool’ such as a spoon or container like many sensory bins use as I wanted the focus to be on the calming feeling of the various textures and the weight of the objects.

A calming sensory bin is perfect to use before bedtime or a nap or to wind down after an exciting activity.


I don’t remember where I got the hummingbird puppet, but this one is very similar.

If you don’t have a collection of smooth pebbles or crystals these glass pebbles are a personal favourite and also reflect beautifully in the light.

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