Avoiding The ‘Summer Slide’: 15 Ways To Enrich Student Learning This Summer

Avoiding The Summer Slide: 15 Ways To Enrich Student Learning This Summer

A topic of discussion at this time of year is the dreaded ‘summer slide’. Parents and teachers worry that the hard work of the previous school year will disappear over the summer. As a result, many parents look for ways to supplement their child’s learning during the summer months.

Play Is The Work Of The Child

Summer is all about play… long days spent outside exploring, travelling to new places, spending time as a family. You might wonder when you can work with your child to avoid the summer slide. It is important to remember that learning does not equate ‘sit down’ work. If your child is actively engaging with the world around them and critically thinking, then they are learning. To avoid the summer slide this year, focus on creating fun and engaging experiences for your child.

Engaging Summer Learning

Need ideas? Here is a list of 15 ways to enrich student learning this summer.

1. Go for a walk in a local park. Collect natural materials as you go. Explore and describe the different textures, colors, and shapes of each.

2. Visit a local museum. Many libraries offer free passes that you can reserve for museums in your area.

3. Spend time relaxing at the library. Let children explore the topics that interest them. You might also like to try a (free!) library scavenger hunt.

4. Create a piece of environmental art. Collect natural materials and arrange them in interesting patterns. Take a photo before letting nature reclaim the artwork.

5. Plant a garden, watch it grow and make observations about it each day.

6. Record the weather for a week and talk about the changes you observe.

7. Make an obstacle course in your backyard. Time how long it takes to complete. Calculate the average time it takes to finish.

8. Learn to cook a recipe as a family. Make ice cream or try a taco night. Involve children in the measuring process.

9. Make an epic tower out of your favorite building material. How tall is it? How many blocks, lego pieces, or sticks did it take to build?

10. Host a lemonade stand.

11. Give older students a budget and have them plan a meal or family outing.

12. Taking a trip? Map out the route. Staying at home? Create a map of your neighborhood, or the route to the local ice cream parlor.

13. Stargaze. Learn about the phases of the moon and the constellations at different times of the year.

14. Write letters to a pen pal or family member.

15. How many places can you read this summer? (For example: outside, in a blanket fort, under a tree, at the beach). Make it a challenge and record each place you read- when you get to 50 have a family treat.

Color My SummerLooking for a bit more structure? You might like my Learning In The Summer package for 30 fun activities to enrich student learning in an easy to use format.

Also make sure you grab the ‘Color Your Summer‘ freebie. Students color in a section of the picture for each fun summer learning activity they complete.

Have an amazing summer of fun, exploration, and creativity!

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