Autumn Sensory Bin

Slide2An autumn walk in nature is the perfect time to pick up materials for an autumn sensory box. Natural textures and interesting objects abound, from acorns and beechnuts, to pinecones and leaves. Wooden acorns of various sizes add a fun texture and size contrast to real acorns. Lentils provide a good base for this sensory box, mixing orange and green lentils creates a nice colour contrast. Popcorn is also seasonal and fun. Fresh or dried leaves or fossilized leaves are a good addition as well. If you wish to add scent to this sensory box you can place a few drops of a mandarin essential oil at the centre of a pinecone, or add a few cinnamon sticks.


The dried leaves pictured above are fossilized leaves I have from many years ago that are unfortunately no longer available. Similar items can be found online however, or you can press and dry your own leaves.

Small wooden acorns can be purchased here.

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