Solar System Expedition: An Immersive Space Explorers Unit

Welcome to Shuttle One! I hope you’re ready to pin on your badge and take your seat in the Captain’s chair as you and your students explore the solar system.
Space has always been one of my favorite topics to explore. It is such an awe inspiring subject to get students excited about learning, and I had so much fun designing this unit! There is nothing better than students that show up to class excited to learn more, and engaged in the subject material, it is my hope that this unit helps you bring out this passion through an immersive learning experience.

So what makes this unit different from any other? Each day students undertake a reader’s theatre ‘mission’ to learn about a specific planet, and complete a related note in their notebook. Each mission has 5 roles (Commander, Ground Control, Pilot, Copilot, and Science Officer) of different reading levels (noted in the teaching guide for each day). The reading levels do not correspand with the role, and switch every ‘mission’ so that students of all reading levels can feel like an equal part of the mission team! The mission information is supported by a fun related note. 
On the teacher’s side of things, each mission comes with a lesson guide and at least one recommended video incase you would like an additional resource to show students. The immrsive atmosphere is very important to me, so I have included a variety of ideas for creating an immersive classroom, from decorations, playing space scenes on the projector, and providing links to ‘space ship music’ to play while students work.

There is also a selection of supplemental resources you can use at your discretion. These resources include a book list, writing activities, bookmarks, extra foldable notes, and more. 

You can see a full preview and purchase this unit here. Be sure to say hi to any aliens you meet on your journey!