A Spooktacular Halloween Giveaway


I love Halloween! A time for carving pumpkins, spending evenings planning out costume ideas, and eating too many sweet treats shaped like (ew) eyeballs!

This is also a time of year when students are very antsy and distracted in the classroom. Well, if you can’t beat them, join in! Help curb the collective sugar high by meeting their excitement with fun and engaging Halloween themed activities.

I want to make this your best Halloween yet. So I’ve teamed up with 9 amazing teacher-authors to bring you a (cue creepy narration voice) SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY. Mwahahahaha.

Well, there’s actually nothing scary about this sweet event! Take a look at the 10 awesome Halloween products below that you could win, in addition to a $50 TPT Gift Card!

Enter using the Rafflecopter at the end of this post. The giveaway opens on October 18th and the winner will be chosen on October 22nd.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Fact and Opinion Scoot
Students reinforce their understanding of fact vs. opinion statements in this fun, fast paced activity. Students scoot from one card to the next as they determine whether the Halloween themed statement is a fact or an opinion.
Halloween Word Wall Words
Post these Halloween word wall words in your classroom to help encourage students with their writing either before or after Halloween as a reflection activity!
Parts Of Speech Silly Sentences
These task cards will have the children laughing and engaging in a fun activity as they practice using parts of speech.
Halloween Math Scavenger Hunt Task Card Bundle
Have some Halloween fun, all while consolidating some math skills with my Halloween Math Scavenger Hunt Task Cards! 3 hidden messages to be found.
Halloween Reading & Writing Activities
These Halloween themed activities include reading, writing and logic puzzlers.  It’s great for a day of excitement to keep your students busy between the costumes and candy.original-1479989-1







Halloween Centers
Have your kids got a case of the Halloween crazies? Engage and excite them with these Halloween Center activities!
Halloween Multiple Intelligence Stations
This resource includes 8 fun and engaging Multiple Intelligence Stations to help students celebrate Halloween. Each station is designed to let their strengths shine.









Frankenstein Activity Pack
This math and literacy pack includes a fun and spooky way to brush up on those tally skills by counting the scars on Frankenstein’s face. It also includes a writing component where students can haunt up your hallway with these Frankenstein page toppers!








Halloween Pattern Pack
This Halloween themed pack is filled with a variety of patterning activities. Centers, printables and more!

These low prep activities are perfect for getting your students into the Halloween mood! Thinking, writing, and creating are a breeze with this pack!original-1483904-1


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5 Spooktacular Halloween Books For Kids

5 Halloween Books

Halloween is a great time to engage reluctant readers with creepy crawly stories, tales of witches and goblins, and dress-up dramas.

Here are some of my favorite Halloween reads to add to your classroom library.

It’s Raining Bats & Frogs
When Delia the witch decides to change the rain… chaos ensues!

The Perfectly Imperfect Pumpkin
A great story about being unique.

I’m Trying To Love Spiders
Informational fun narrated by an arachnophobe!

Little Boo
The story about a little seed that can’t wait to grow up.

The Witches’ Supermarket
What happens when you accidentally wander into a supermarket for witches? A delightfully funny tale…

What are your favorite books to read at Halloween? Let me know in the comments below.

Pumpkin Fact vs. Opinion Scoot


Fall is here in full force! The leaves are turning, pumpkins are out on front stoops, and the classroom is aflutter learning about bats, spiders, leaves, and pumpkins!

One of my favorite fall units is pumpkins! I know many teachers choose to have a pumpkin thematic unit during the fall. Here are just a few of my favorite ideas for things you can do to learn about pumpkins as a class:

  • Hold a class survey to decide what to carve on your class pumpkin. Graph the results.
  • Count the number of seeds in a pumpkin. Compare two different pumpkins.
  • Make hypotheses about which pumpkin is heavier and weigh both to see.
  • Measure the circumfrence of pumpkins.
  • Make a jack-o-lantern mural using orange construction paper and traces of your students hands.
  • Learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin with a First, Next, Then, Last organizer from Nerissa Reddick.
  • Make baked pumpkin seeds for a yummy and healthy snack!
  • Take a class field trip to a pumpkin patch, either in person or by watching a video.

If you are looking for an activity to finish off your unit, try these fact vs. opinion pumpkin themed task cards, perfect for a game of scoot! Dots n Spots explains how she used these task cards on her blog.

original-1458042-1pumpkin fact and opinion scoot